Sponsorship & Award Feedback

The following feedback was received from those who received a sponsorship award from the Trust.  If you’re interested in sponsorship, please find out how to get funded.  Our sub-group carefully considers all submissions.

Dundee City Pipe Band

Dundee City Pipe Band

Through sponsorship from the Gordon Duncan Memorial Trust, we have continued to develop our tutoring program and have taken a particular focus on encouraging young people of school age to get involved in traditional pipe band music.

The photo shows some of our young people playing at an informal performance for Veterans in Dundee as part of their Christmas activities. This was the first time some of our youngsters had taken part in a public performance so a big moment for them and a proud moment for the band 🙂

Submitted by:Lorna Strachan
Year of Award:2019

Bobby Allen

The year 2019 has been a great year in piping. I have had a full year of tuition from my teacher Willie Morrison at Otago Street, Piping Centre, Glasgow. I have played in many events and competitions throughout Scotland and the Isles.

This year I have improved from last years total of first place piping results from 34 to 55. I have also had clean sweeps, such as winning all events at the ‘Atholl Gathering’ and others from February through to December.

My attainment in piping has also been successful. This year I have passed level 6 and the results for level 7 are currently pending.

My aims for 2020 are to gain an award in the final level, which is 8 in piping. Then to complete my study by gaining my teachers qualification in bagpipes in 2020.

There is no doubt ‘The Gordon Duncan Memorial Trust’ has helped me, supported me and contributed towards my success, attainment and experiences in piping in 2019. I am looking forward to another great year of piping in 2020.


Year of Award:2019

Coupar Angus Burgh Pipe Band

During a year of continued Band development, one notable area of success has been the growth in numbers of new young members, progressing our ambition to form a Novice Juvenile band. This encouraging process has been supported by a small team of able and enthusiastic tutors, some from outwith band membership. The generous Trust sponsorship has enabled us to meet the cost of this training, and to feel confidence in the continuing progress of this project. We would like to extend our grateful thanks.

Submitted by:Sandy Duthie
Year of Award:2019

Archie McNab

Thanks to the GDMT for the funding of Archie’s place at the D2 Summer school.

The Summer school has been a great experience for Archie, he thoroughly enjoyed the workshops and camaraderie with the other young musicians and instructors.
Archie feels the Summer school was a great benefit to him and he continues to make good progress in his piping technique, his most recent achievements were at the City of Brechin Solo’s winning 1st place in the u/15 MSR, 1st place in the 6/8 march and 2nd place in the jig and taking the award for Junior Champion Piper.

The support from the Trust is very much appreciated, Thank you!

Submitted by:A. McNab
Year of Award:2019

Kinlochard Gathering, Junior Solo Piping Competition

Kinlochard Gathering, Junior Solo Piping Competition, held on the fabulous Loch side setting on the 14th July 2019. The standard of piping was brilliant and there were some new faces in the competition. The overall winner was Christopher Happs, second was Bobby Allen, third place went to Josh Esson and fourth Kyle Gordon. The judge was Pipe Major Chris Armstrong.

A million thanks to the Gordon Duncan Memorial Trust for supporting this Junior Competition. As you can see your banners were flying high!


Submitted by:Gregor Wood
Year of Award:2019