Festival Interceltique de Lorient

Ian Duncan playing at the Lorient concert
Gordon’s brother, Ian Duncan, playing at the concert

On 9 August 2017 a tribute concert to Gordon (Grande soirée Cornemuse: Hommage à Gordon Duncan) was held in Palais des Congrès, Lorient, Brittany, at the famous Interceltique Festival.

The programme read:

“An influence and inspiration throughout the world of Celtic music, Gordon Duncan, was one of the most innovative bagpipe players of his generation. This tribute concert brings together Ross Ainslie, Ali Hutton, Ian Duncan, Fred Morrison, Calum Stewart, Bruce McGregor, Josè Manuel Tejedor, Piping Orchestra and Hervè Le Floch.”

The backing/house band were Aaron Jones, Duncan Lyall, Steve Byrnes, Fraser Stone and Angus Lyon.

Gordon and Lorient, Brittany

“Travelling across Europe exposed Gordon to other traditions and he became fascinated with Breton music and musicians. The attraction was mutual. Gordon won the coveted Macallan solo piping trophy in Lorient, Brittany two years in succession and became a hero among young Breton pipers who learned the tunes on Gordon’s three CDs for Greentrax Recordings grace note for grace note.”  Source: Scottish Traditional Music Hall of Fame

Videos from the Concert

Press Coverage

Several articles appeared in French press, both before and after the event, including “Interceltique. L’hommage à Gordon Duncan” (published in Le Télégramme, 24 July 2017) and “Concert hommage. Le Gordon du Fil” (published in Le Télégramme, 13 August 2017).

The following are two articles (in French) about the event:

Review of Lorient event (in French)

Review of Lorient event (in French)
From Ouest France, 11/08/2017 (also available online)