The Gordon Duncan Experience (GDE)

The Gordon Duncan ExperienceThe Gordon Duncan Experience, run by Horsecross Arts, provides young people aged 11-25 from Perthshire and further afield opportunities to perform Scottish Traditional music as part of a large group and participate in an annual concert held in Perth. The Celtic big band is as much at home learning Scottish tunes by ear as it is working on complex scored arrangements, often drawing on other musical genres for inspiration, including classical, jazz and rock.

Over the period from 2011-12 the Gordon Duncan Memorial Trust awarded £15,000 to help to start the Gordon Duncan Experience, and several Trust members continue to support it as individuals.  The Gordon Duncan Experience continues to act as a powerful tool for personal, social and professional development for the next wave of Scottish Traditional musicians and facilitators.

Horsecross Arts is the charitable creative organisation set up in 2005 to launch the world-class Perth Concert Hall and revitalise Perth Theatre. Their dynamic and devoted Creative Learning Team uses the arts to advance health and wellbeing, open doors to opportunity and achievement, and broaden horizons and improve life chances.

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