What's happening?

Poster of the eventThe Gordon Duncan Experience (GDE) host a night celebrating Gordon on Saturday 30 March at 7:30pm at Perth Concert Hall.

The GDE will perform their own interpretation of Gordon’s classic Circular Breath album with a line-up of young musicians from traditional, jazz and classical backgrounds. Horsecross’s Gaelic singing group Gle will also appear in a night celebrating Gordon’s legacy: developing young musicians, fresh original compositions and musical collaboration.

Two of Gordon’s protégés, Ross Ainslie (a member of the Gordon Duncan Memorial Trust) and Ali Hutton will headline the concert with their superb quartet, Symbiosis. Ross and Ali, two of Scotland’s most prominent musicians and composers, bring together original compositions from their highly acclaimed albums, Symbiosis I and II, ranging from high octane jigs and reels to beautifully melodic slow airs. The music is a masterful blend of the old and the new, mixing elements of traditional, rock and electronic. They will be joined by percussionist Paul Jennings and Jenn Butterworth on guitar.

Tickets and further details are available from Perth Concert Hall.

Ross and Ali are also on Bandcamp: https://rossandali.bandcamp.com/

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