What's happening?

The GDMT appreciate that many of our Scottish traditional musicians exist from gig to gig and all of their planned performances have been cancelled outwith their control so we thought we would offer to help a wee bit where we can.

We ask our self-employed, professional Scottish traditional musicians who have limited savings and require some financial assistance, at this time in our history, to consider applying for our GDMT 2020 PERFORMANCE AWARD. We anticipate high demand for this fund and so we ask that you only apply if you are really struggling to make ends meet over the next few weeks and don’t have significant savings to tide you over.

We are a small charity with limited funds so we have a ceiling on how much we can assist.  For this reason we are also asking for Performance Award Fund Donations from those who are able to help.

Other news

In other news….two of our supporters who were fundraising for us as part of the Glasgow Kiltwalk (now cancelled due to the lockdown) have seen their fundraising totals doubled, as announced by Sir Tom Hunter of the The Hunter Foundation.  We will now receive over £600 for Bryan’s efforts (& those of his wee daughter Eilidh).  Further details are on the Kiltwalk website.

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