A huge thank you to the GDMT for their support for the release of my new tune book, ‘Chris Gray’s Contemporary Tunes from Scotland’.

I am very grateful to have received lots of enthusiasm from the Trust for the publication of my first collection of music. Support from the Trust also came at a very challenging time during the Covid-19 Pandemic. It was a real boost to have the backing of the GDMT, particularly at this time, to work on a project I had been excited about for a long time.

The book has been very well received and I hope that music from my collection will be enjoyed by musicians and enthusiasts worldwide for years to come. It’s a real privilege to have had this project supported by the GDMT. Like countless others, the talents and musicianship of the legendary figure Gordon Duncan will always be an unmeasurable influence on my music and compositions.

Thank you again to everyone at the Trust!

Submitted by: Chris Gray
Year of award:  2021
Website:  https://chrisgraymusic.com