Introducing the 2020 Performance Awards

The GDMT appreciate that many of our Scottish traditional musicians exist from gig to gig and all of their planned performances have been cancelled outwith their control so we thought we would offer to help a wee bit where we can.

We ask our self-employed, professional Scottish traditional musicians who have limited savings and require some financial assistance, at this time in our history, to consider applying for our GDMT 2020 PERFORMANCE AWARD. We are a small charity with limited funds so we have a ceiling on how much we can assist.  Successful applicants will receive an award of £250.

You can view videos from successful applicants in the video gallery or on our YouTube channel.

How to Apply

Gordon performing
Gordon performing in the hoose!

If you need this help, we ask you to fill in an application form then video a 5 minute performance of you playing exciting and cheery music, on your phone, including one of Gordon Duncan’s tunes, then email the form and video to us. We need to keep the technical side fairly simple and files not too large so a video taken on your phone and sent to us using WeTransfer, Dropbox or another file transfer service is perfect. Then email your application form and video, using WeTransfer or your chosen service, to us at

All applications will be carefully considered by our GDMT Musical Sub-Group. If your application is successful the Trust will then post your video performance on our YouTube channel and showcase your performance on our website in the Gallery, to our many supporters. In exchange you would share our GDMT links to your networks so your contacts get to know about the GDMT. This will result in increased musical exposure on social media for you and increased social media exposure for the Gordon Duncan Memorial Trust too.

 To be eligible to apply you must be over 18 years of age and a self-employed, full-time professional musician who plays Scottish traditional music either in a solo capacity or in a group or band and you must be financially dependent on your musicianship. Students need not apply for this award.

Application Form

Here is the application form:

We look forward to viewing your performances.