This is just a quick line from the Skye Youth Pipe Band to update you following the grant support from the Gordon Duncan Memorial Trust earlier this year. We used the grant to buy drum tutor books (The Drummers Launch Pad Study Unit 1) from Elixir for our 21 drumming pupils in February. 15 out of our 21 pupils are still going strong. 6 snare drummers have progressed enough to join the Band and have received their band uniforms. A number of pupils have also started attending our weekly Development Band practice, which feeds gradually into the youth band. The 6 top snare pupils and our 2 tenor drummers have almost completed Study Unit 1, and we will be purchasing some copies of Study Unit 2 before the end of this year. We also had some very successful “Come and Try” sessions at the beginning of this term, and we have 18 new drumming pupils signed up to start weekly lessons after the October holidays, which is very exciting. So thank you again for helping us along the way.

Year of award:  2017