Many thanks to you all for helping to restore, preserve and bind these original music collections from the Regency era – two collections of Niel and Nathaniel Gow books, and a Simon Fraser of Knockie Collection. All were in a sorry state, crumbling and impossible to use without risk of further damage.

We started with a GoFundMe campaign to raise money for the project, and the GDMT kindly helped with the remaining costs. Each page was individually cleaned and repaired, before being bound into three volumes.

These books are a significant part of our Scottish cultural heritage, and the grant from GDMT enabled us to save them for future generations. If you would like to view the books, feature them in your event, or just find out more, please visit

Music Collections

or contact

Big thanks again and best wishes to you all,
Katherine Liley

Submitted by: Katherine Liley
Year of award:  2023