Sponsorship & Award Feedback

The following feedback was received from those who received a sponsorship award from the Trust.  If you’re interested in sponsorship, please find out how to get funded.  Our sub-group carefully considers all submissions.

Govan Schools Pipes & Drums

On behalf of the children and Board of Management of Govan Schools Pipes & Drums Association I would like to thank you and the Trustees of the Gordon Duncan Memorial Trust most sincerely for your extremely generous donation which I confirm receipt of into the GSPDA bank account on 25th August.

This money will be put to the most practical of uses of providing free bagpipe and drum tuition to approximately 100 disadvantaged children in Govan Schools each month. GSPDA remains very busy during the summer months having played at the Ibrox Fun Run, the Govan Fair, the Govan Gaelic Choir Recital Evening, the Scottish Kilt Walk, the Elder Park Fun Day and for the second year, competing in the World Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow. The new 2017/2018 academic year started last week and the Tutors are excited about a number of new recruits who have signed up from the schools to receive tuition.

We try to keep our “followers” up to date with developments and progress at GSPDA by updating the news items on the website https://gspda.co/govan-schools-pipes-and-drums-association/news/ so do hope you will be able to keep in touch with GSPDA through this medium.

Again, I would like to record a huge thank you to you for this second and very significant donation. If you have no objection I will update the GSPDA website with The Gordon Duncan Memorial Trust as a supporter.

Year of Award:2017

Robyn Ada Mackay

I don’t think I can put into words how thankful I am for your generosity. This opportunity is one I have been dreaming about for a long time and I can promise you both and everyone at the GDMT that I will not waste a single moment of it. I will of course keep you all up-to-date on my experiences there and will be keeping a blog noting my musical adventures on Cape Breton Island. A million and many thanks.

A follow up: I am going to struggle condensing my time on Cape Breton Island into a couple of sentences as there was just so much wonderful music and moments, but I’ll try my best. Being immersed in the island’s music and culture was such an incredible way to experience how strong an influence Scottish music has had across the Atlantic. Attending several square dances, sessions, and Gaelic language events across the island really helped to improve not only my piping but musicianship as a whole. It has also helped me to establish strong relationships and friendships with musicians/folklore enthusiasts across the province which will be very important for my future studies.

I am so thankful to the Gordon Duncan Memorial Trust for helping me make the most of this opportunity – and with the amount of Gordon’s tunes that were common repertoire across the island his legacy helped me make a simple transition and integrate amongst the local musicians.

Year of Award:2017

Coupar Angus Burgh Pipe Band

Since receiving of our award in April 2017 we were able to cover a large amount of tuition during 2017, chiefly for our drummers.  Through this, we were able to compete in a number of minor competitions and in the four mainland “Majors”, qualifying for the Grade 4B final in two of them.

There is no doubt that the Trust’s generous award helped greatly in our continuing development.  We now have a stable band of over twenty players, and would anticipate further progress in the coming season.

Year of Award:2017

Skye Youth Pipe Band

This is just a quick line from the Skye Youth Pipe Band to update you following the grant support from the Gordon Duncan Memorial Trust earlier this year. We used the grant to buy drum tutor books (The Drummers Launch Pad Study Unit 1) from Elixir for our 21 drumming pupils in February. 15 out of our 21 pupils are still going strong. 6 snare drummers have progressed enough to join the Band and have received their band uniforms. A number of pupils have also started attending our weekly Development Band practice, which feeds gradually into the youth band. The 6 top snare pupils and our 2 tenor drummers have almost completed Study Unit 1, and we will be purchasing some copies of Study Unit 2 before the end of this year. We also had some very successful “Come and Try” sessions at the beginning of this term, and we have 18 new drumming pupils signed up to start weekly lessons after the October holidays, which is very exciting. So thank you again for helping us along the way.

Year of Award:2017

Tayside Young Fidlers

Photo of Tayside Young Fiddlers

We have just had the first of two workshops funded by yourselves at the Gordon Duncan Memorial Trust. This was a great success, giving the members tutoring of the Shetland style of fiddle music from Ross Couper. Also cello tutoring from Emma Tomlinson which adds depth and variety to the final sets that were created from the day. We now have a new set of Shetland tunes which will be incorporated in our repertoire for future concerts. We are grateful to the Trust for giving us the opportunity to expand the repertoire of our members. The second workshop is planned for August with Solasta and we will give an update on this, after the event.

Year of Award:2016