DB Trad Group is a new youth music group formed in spring 2023. We run classes in fiddle and accordion as well as two trad bands with an age range of P5 – S6 in Dunkeld and Birnam and surrounding rural areas. Our vision was to be able to provide the opportunity for young traditional players in the area to get together and play in groups, and to encourage and continue our local musical heritage, and for this to be completely accessible to all by keeping it free for our members. The funding we received from The Gordon Duncan Memorial Trust has made all the difference in helping us to provide this for our young community. Musically, our members have developed skills in playing in groups, learned lots of new tunes and taken part in working out arrangements, all of which have been taken to the stage. New friendships have been formed and all the fun and enjoyment of playing music has been discovered.

Submitted by: Karys Watt
Year of award:  2023
Website:  https://www.facebook.com/dbtradgroup