This band was developed by Ross Inglis, a young Dundee based piper, who had a vision to start up a new pipe band which would create accessible music education for any individual with an interest on playing pipes and drums regardless of prior knowledge/skill. An inclusive Youth Music Initiative is to sit alongside the Pipe Band, which will provide opportunities to young people, particularly those with additional support needs, to become involved in learning Pipes and Drums. Ross, who has a learning disability and Autism, was awarded a lifetime Fellowship of the Royal Society of Arts, Manufacturing & Commerce (RSA) in 2016 as part of collaboration between the RSA and the Scottish Commission for Learning Disabilities (SCLD). Ross has used his award as the springboard for the development of his long-held ambition to develop accessible Pipe music.

Band members will also be supported to study for music and tutoring qualifications in association with the RSPBA.

Year of award:  2017