On behalf of Dundee City Council Instrumental Music Service, I am contacting you to express our sincere thanks for you donation towards our recent Wurzburg Trip. Aside from the fact that the young people all had a fantastic experience, we also managed with your help to make the trip entirely cost neutral for every participant which enabled everyone to take part.

I have selected some examples of the feedback received from pupils and parents which highlight what this trip has meant to them and have also included some photos and links of the trip which go beyond any description in words.


“The Stramu trip was truly a formative one for Chloe, she genuinely had the time of her life and I’d like to pass massive thanks to all of the staff members and people involved in organising the trip. It was really fantastic for us to also be able to see the kids perform on the live stream and she loved playing at the event and soaking up the culture of the event as well as the sightseeing.

Trips like this are where lifelong friendships and core memories are formed and it is an absolute credit to everyone involved that the event was so successful. I honestly don’t have enough superlatives for how well organised and how happy Chloe was to be part of such a great adventure.”


“My son absolutely loved the trip and it was an amazing experience for him. He is quite a quiet person and I was worried but I needn’t have been as I feel the whole experience was beneficial to him. he made great friends and really came out his shell. He totally loved the performing and the pipeband really went down well and just an amazing time was had in general. I cannot thank the organisers enough for the memories and experience my son had.”


“My son loved the trip, he is Autistic and struggles socially so we were a little anxious about it. He came back full of stories about the trip and with a new found confidence and willingness to try new things and push forward with his music. DCC Music Service did a brilliant job going above and beyond to organise this opportunity and giving up so much of their free time to make the trip happen and taking great care of the students in their care. I would recommend the trip to any parent considering it if it happens again.

It was a brilliant experience for him and for all the young people who had the opportunity to go. It was brilliantly organised and the Dundee Music Service put so much into it to make it the success that it was. The Dundee schools rock band has been one of the key formative experiences for our son during the last few years, and the Würzburg trip was the absolute highlight that he will never forget.”


“Our daughter Sophie was apprehensive prior to going on trip. She wasn’t sure what to expect or if she would enjoy it. Upon her return, it was obvious that she had been on a brilliant trip. Her group played in front of enthusiastic crowds throughout and were warmly received. She had lots of opportunities to practice playing violin and feels she has improved as a result. She also made some great new friends whom she now sees on a regular basis. These were friends from different schools and has helped broaden her social scene. She loved it so much, she wants to go back next year if possible.

She had a fantastic trip and said it was a brilliant experience. She loved that they played in front of really big crowds who really enjoyed them and that they got to perform so many songs. She was complimented a lot on her playing. The experience has definitely given her confidence and inspired her to keep playing. It is definitely a big thanks from me and from Zayna”


“The trip to Würzburg was the best experience I have ever had, and I will never forget it. Being given the opportunity to play my violin in Germany in front of so many people and to see their reaction to our music was amazing and I will always remember it, especially the Sunday Night Finale. I made friendships on the journey, discovered Würzburg, and took part in many different experiences I wouldn’t have anywhere else. Thank you to everyone who made this trip possible, I will never forget it!”


“Wurzburg was an amazing opportunity for Dundee Schools Music. We couldn’t have had this experience without the funding from the general public and the companies/people that funded us. Thank you so much.”

Submitted by: Dundee City Council Instrumental Music Service
Year of award:  2023