RS MacDonald has been a friend of the Duncan family for as long as he can remember. In 2009 he also released a book of his own compositions along side "A Few Tunes - And Mair" at Piping Live.

Some of these tunes can be found on albums from both Gordon and the Vale of Atholl Pipe Band. It is definately one for the collection, and can now be bought through the Gordon Duncan Memorial Trust.


Showacho March
Ms. Quentin Bryce A.C. (Queensland) March
Ralph Potter March
Bob Atkinson A.P.M. March
John Goodwin March
Coolhurst Castle Strathspey
Green Day Strathspey
Washington Court Strathspey
Famous Fourth , The  Strathspey
Mrs Nadia MacIsaac Strathspey
Glenogle Strathspey
Beaver Club, The Reel
Pivovar Express , The  Reel
MV River Rat Reel
Smoking The Wasps Reel
Electric Chopsticks Reel
Reedmaker's Reel (Chris Apps), The  Reel
Bullet Train Reel
Elav the Terrible Hornpipe
Jack MacIsaac Hornpipe
John Recknagels Fancy Hornpipe
El Paco Grande Hornpipe
Gaelic College, St Annes Hornpipe
Good Drying Hornpipe
Sam O'Rye Hornpipe
Secret Creek Hornpipe
Monmouth Drive Hornpipe
Queensland Irish Association Pipe Band 80th Anniversary Hornpipe
Passive Drinker , The  Hornpipe
Vale of Atholl Pipe Band Hornpipe
Superdry Hornpipe
Funnel , The  Hornpipe
Oh Aye? Jig
King Danced at Dawn , The  Jig
Last Tango in Harris , The  Jig
Millstead , The  Jig
Trevor Warnock Jig
Fritz Hoffman Jig
Adelaide Tattoo Jig
Willie Cochrane Jig
JK's Jig Jig
Bootleg Brew Jig
Long Morning Jig
Apparition, The Jig
Jimmy Hey Jig
Pivovar Express , The  Jig
Konjo Mimi Jig
North American Pipe Band Jig
Second at Pugwash Jig
Departure Slow Air
Distant Land Slow Air
Abercromby Place Slow Air
Woodhams Fiftieth Slow Air
Journey to the East Slow Air
Ruth Grant Slow Air
Lament for Angus Sixsmith Slow Air
Shonah Waltz
Good Times at Galliard Waltz
Harbour View Waltz
Margaret's Waltz Waltz
Lament for Kenneth Alexander MacLennan of Connon Bridge Piobaireachd
Lament for Angus Stewart of Dunbegg Piobaireachd