Eat, Sleep, Pipe, Repeat


Music for the bagpipes, by Kyle Warren.


Music for the bagpipes, by Kyle Warren.

New to the GDMT and launched on 1st August 2020.

We, the Trustees of the GDMT, first met Kyle when he was a youngster playing in, and composing with, the National Youth Pipe Band of Scotland and became aware of his compositional abilities then. Kyle started to compose tunes at an earlier age than Gordon himself.

Now an experienced musician, teacher and composer Kyle’s CV includes playing for Lomond & Clyde Pipe Band, Strathclyde Police Pipe Band and Field Marsal Montgomery Pipe Band as well as Bagad Cap Caval Pipe Band in Brittany and then the Red Hot Chilli Pipers before he moved to Melbourne, Australia, where he became Pipe Major of the Hawthorn Pipe Band. In the past 10 years Kyle has played in many contests, concerts, has taught and travelled because of bagpipes.

As he says “Piping; I have everything to thank it for!”

The full contents of Kyle’s book are included in the photos.

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