About the Live Performance Kick Starter Award

Gordon DuncanFor our self-employed, professional Scottish traditional musicians’ things are changing very slowly and the GDMT recognise it is a big step to get back out performing live again. So, we have introduced the next ‘stage’, (excuse the pun!) following our “Performance Awards” with this “Live Performance Kick Starter Award” as a small financial help to get gigging musicians back into playing live in front of appreciative audiences.

We appreciate the financial cost, especially the cost of a suitable venue in which to perform, so we ask both the performer and the venue to apply. In the Application Form we ask some basic questions about you/your group and about the venue/s you wish to perform at. You can apply for a single performance or for a Tour, in which case we need the details of each venue planned. We need confirmation that the venue agrees, possibly with a letter of support, to have the artists perform there at that date and time.

In return, we ask you to include our logo plus “Sponsored by the Gordon Duncan Memorial Trust” on your marketing, posters and programmes. We also ask you to fill out a feedback form, a Testimonial Form, on our website after the event/s. A photo is most welcome with this.

So, if you need a wee financial boost to get out playing Live again, apply now! We look forward to seeing you in action.

Who can Apply

Following the aims of the GDMT charity, applications under the following criteria can be made by any person, living or working in Scotland. All applications are carefully considered by an award sub-group.

Applications should meet one of the following criteria –

  1. the advancement of education by encouraging participation in and the study of all forms of traditional music and in particular the music of the Great Highland Bagpipe;
    – This objective is specifically to support education for young people under the age of 30. The activity supported should have demonstrable educational value, such as attendance at a recognised course or school.
  2. the advancement of the arts and culture of Scotland by promoting the performance, study and composition of all forms of traditional music (including voice) and in particular the music of the Great Highland Bagpipe;
    – This is a much more general objective relating to all forms of traditional music.
  3. to encourage the attainment of high standards of performance and innovative composition in relation to all forms of traditional music and in particular the music of the Great Highland Bagpipe.
    – This objective is aimed at providing a Scholarship to benefit an individual player or composer who has either shown great potential or is of proven ability. The scholarship could support the provision of tuition, instruction and other assistance, including contributing towards the costs of travel, subsistence and accommodation of those being taught or receiving instruction.

The appropriate category for the “Live Performance Kick Starter Award 2022” is either under 2 or 3 above.

Please note: awards will NOT be allocated for either the purchase of musical instruments or for recording.

How to Apply

Applications should be made using the editable PDF application form.  You can save the PDF and complete the application form fields electronically, or print and complete a paper version if you prefer.

Completed application forms can be sent via email to info@gordonduncan.co.uk or by post to the address on the form.